Pioneer Plunge Cabin Announcement

Aug. 6, 2014 
Friends of Plunge,

On Aug. 4, the main cabin at Plunge caught fire and was completely destroyed. Thankfully, no one was there and no one was injured. The cause is inconclusive. To a lot of us this is really tough news, as that cabin has a special place in our hearts, and some folks even built it or worked on it. We just wrapped up an incredible summer of really profound ministry to more than 200 campers, and this small tragedy will not overshadow the work that the Lord continues to do in this place. Without discounting the hard work, the 40-year history, and nostalgia that went along with the original Plunge cabin, in the words of our friend Tim Gooley, "The richness of Plunge is not found within the logs of the cabins but in the presence of the Lord in the community of people living in it." I am not sure of the meaning of this event, but I stand firm in trusting that the Lord will do great things and even better things through this.

In Joshua 3 and 4, the Israelites must cross the Jordan before they enter the Promised Land. For the second time in history, our mighty God splits the water and they walk on dry ground across the Jordan. Through the process of crossing the Jordan, each of the 12 tribes picks up a stone to stack in Gilgal as a memorial or marker to the work the Lord has done.

In my opinion, the best thing we do at Plunge is share life stories with each other. Our stories are all full of brokenness and hardships, but the best part about them is the redemption that we find in Christ. This event is a marker on Plunge's life story. My prayer is that, just like the Israelites, we can pick up "stones" along the way of rebuilding that will place markers on our own lives, as well as the life of Plunge and, in turn, glorify our Lord in the process.

Practically speaking, here are a few things looking ahead to the next year:

  1. We will be cancelling all 2014-2015 school season reservations and refunding any deposits that have been paid. I will follow up with each of you personally in the next two weeks to figure out the details.

  2. We will be open for summer camping in 2015! Reservations are now being accepted on the National Summer Request website, so check out the weeks available and try to have your requests in by Sept. 5!

  3. We need your HELP!! I'm not sure what the details are at this point, but we are going to continue building Plunge with the campers that come. I would love to know if you have a work team that could come and help rebuild the main cabin throughout this next school year. Please email me if you are interested at, and I will touch base with you in a follow-up email.

  4. We need your prayers. I will send out updates as much as possible, but please put us on your prayer list, if we are not on there already!

You can expect more details as they're available. 

Andrew Willis
Director of Pioneer Plunge
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