Current Projects

Waterfront Remodel  - More details and updates to come.

New Ropes Course  - The Spring of 2017 Windy Gap will be adding a new Aerial Adventure challenge course to the property. This will take the place of our current outdated course, and will be moved to a new area in which it will be incorporated with the current climbing tower. The new course will address many factors that the previous course has no longer been able to fulfill. The increased level of safety will be one of the largest and most important upgrades. With a new belay system in place campers will be secured safely to the course at all times, no longer requiring manual transitions from element to element to be performed by the camper. The new course will also upgrade the camper experience in a number of ways. Upgraded high adventure elements, improvement in efficency, better camper-leader experience, improved freedom of choice for the participant, and thrilling course exit options are just a handful of the changes that will arrive this Spring. We are excited this Summer to watch campers experience this new cabin ride as they push the limits through challenge and courage.


Future Projects

New Dining Hall  - The Flat Creek Inn has been identified as the most critical needed long-term improvement at Windy Gap. This building is a limiting factor in regards to the size of a group that can be hosted on the property, and is far undersized to the Young Life standard for effective and efficent food service for both guests and staff. Initial research and a feasability study have been completed to allow for a preliminary scope and to identify key project hurdles. Overall project scope includes movement of the current Administrative office, utility infrastructure, and vehicle and pedestrian right of ways behind the current facility as phase I. A new kitchen will then be built and furnished as phase 2. The current structure will then be fully removed and rebuilt to meet the new kitchen volume. This includes the dining hall volume, infirmary, leaders lounge, bathrooms, storage areas, and all exterior porches and landscaped areas. A $100K gift was donated during fall of 2013 to allow for the appropriate architectural and engineered services to define actual scope and feasibility. A second $100K gift was given in 2014 to further this effort. If you would wish to learn more about the scope, scale, and how you could participate in  this substantial project with us, please contact Matt Knauer, Camp Manager. 

Main Office  - With the evolution of Young Life camping Operations at Windy Gap, the design, layout, and location of our main office facility has become more and more outdated. We've overcome these challenges creatively over the years but have an opportunity to start from scratch as the current site has been deemed ideal for the new Kitchen and Dining Hall project. The office is currently right in the center of camp which is extremely valuable square footage that needs to be more guest use driven, thus the reclaiming of that square footage into the Kitchen/Dining Hall project. The current office also shares hallways, bathrooms, and other features with the infirmary, which puts staff and volunteers in an unhealthy overlap with that program. Office layouts and arrangements currently under serve their user's needs and behavioral patterns required by their respective job descriptions. Also, the current office is the last building that guests come to when arriving at camp. This allows for security compromises, unwanted vehicle traffic from delivery vendors through high pedestrian traffice areas, and confusion for arriving guests, parents, and new vendors. A concept floor plan has been developed and building sites are being considered that address a blend of staff, guest, safety, and operational priorities. Design services are underway that will define an accurate scope and  gorss magnitude cost. Please contact Matt Knauer, Camp Manager, to learn more on this upcoming project.



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