Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact my son/daughter while they are at Windy Gap?
If you need to reach someone in case of an emergency.  Please call our direct line at 828-645-7187. You will then be directed to the Guest Service host on call.
If it is not an emergency and your child is attending a weekend during the school year you may leave a message for them by calling Windy Gap's direct line 828-645-7187.  Dial Ext. 10 and those messages are checked and posted throughout the weekend.
During summer camping season the Windy Gap office is staffed from 8:00am - 8:00pm 7 days a week.  After office hours, you may leave a message for them by calling Windy Gap's direct line 828-645-7187.  Dial Ext. 10 and those messages are checked an posted throughout the evening.

How do I sign my son/daughter up to attend Windy Gap?
Kids attend Windy Gap with their local Young Life area.  Please contact your local Young Life area office to find out where they will be attending weekend and summer camp this year.  All registration information is handled on the local level.

How many total guests can Windy Gap accommodate?
Windy Gap can accomodate groups of 452 in our housing and dining hall. This number does not include Work Crew.

How can I sign up to serve on Work Crew or Summer Staff this summer?
Please see the information on High School and College volunteers.

Is there a minimum reservation number required for school season camping?
For exclusive use of the property on a weekend, Windy Gap requires a minimum of 325 paying guests.We are glad to accomodate smaller groups, but there is a possibility of sharing facilities with other groups.In those instances we will assist you in coordinating meal times and use of meeting room space.

Are you able to host small groups? What if we provide our own meals?
Windy Gap offers two lodges. Overlook and Blue Ridge can be rented separately for smaller groups. Contact us for rates and availability.

What staffing is the group responsible for providing?

Work Crew - Provide support services for the camp in food service and other areas. Work crew are considered part of the camp staff during your stay. Work crew comes to Windy Gap for FREE! Please bring a ratio of one work crew person for every 10 guests up to a maximum of 37, including two work crew supervisors.

Medical Personnel - You must bring a Doctor, PA, Nurse or EMT to respond to the medical needs of your group. The medical staff and his/her family come to camp for FREE!

Program Tech - Please designate a Program Tech to operate all of the sound, lighting and audio visual equipment that you may use.  Our staff will be available to train your Program Tech on the various equipment and systems, but will not be available to serve as Program Tech for your camp.

Camp Director - A contact person in charge of your group.

What is the group expected to help clean up at the end of the week/weekend?
Clean-up includes folding blankets, picking up trash, putting back any furniture that has been moved, cleaning bathrooms and sweeping or vacuuming floors in cabins and lounges.  If linens are provided, take all dirty linens to the Laundry Room.

Does Windy Gap host Family Camps?
For information on week long Family camps during the summer please contact Young Life's Trail West in Buena Vista Colorado. 
Windy Gap does host some weekend family camps during the school year. Contact your local Young Life area office to see if your area has a camp scheduled.

How do I sign up to be an Adult Guest at Windy Gap during the summer?
To sign up to be an Adult Guest please contact your local Young Life area to obtain an Adult Guest Registration Form.  Your local Area Director will also need to fill out a Staff Recommendation form and will forward both forms to Windy Gap along with your deposit to hold your room.  As soon as the camp receives this information the Adult Guest Coordinator will contact you to confirm your acceptance.
What types of meals are availalbe?

Our highly praised kitchen staff has put together a large selection of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. As you are planning your trip to Windy Gap we will work with you to put together a menu that fits your needs.


Are you able to provide special dietary options?

As part of our personalized service, our chefs are always dedicated to providing healthy and appetizing alternatives for guests with special dietary needs. If you have a guest with allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know prior to arriving at camp and we will be happy to discuss meal options with you.

 I forgot something at camp, what do I do?

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