Windy Gap is 50!

Since 1970 over 600,000 folks have walked and experienced the holy ground of Windy Gap.

Perhaps you are one of these folks.

Check out our videos & image gallery:

Ilene Douglas’ story (4:25):​ Watch this fascinating story on how God moved upon a young girl's heart to give the land for what is now Windy Gap!

Windy Gap 50 Year Celebration (2:50):​ Here is a short video on how a dairy farm was transformed into the setting for which many kids have been introduced to Jesus over the last 50 years.

Windy Gap 80s (11:30):​ The Windy Gap edition of The Ultimate Summer movies series produced for Young Life in 1985.

Time for Living (22:17):​ Arguably the most famous Young Life film ever! Created in 1970 to market the mission of Young Life Camping.

See the Bruce Fisher and Joyce Wilson Story (4:22): Anyone that has ever served on work crew or summer staff will love seeing their Windy Gap story.

Windy Gap Today (3:18):​ A highlight reel of Windy Gap camping today.

Image Gallery

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